Tuesday, 31 March 2020

BLOGPOCALYPSE: Ice Armor Skeletor set free

 After almost 17 years of living in my loftspace, I decided to set Ice Armour Skeletor free from his prison of bubblecard packaging! Ice Armor Skeletor was price slashed down in 2003/4 by my local Keynsham Entertainer to a mere 80’s pocket money level of £3! I instabought ol’ Bonebrain after being captivated by the awesome figure design. The entire Masters of the Universe 2002 toyline was sculpted and designed by notorious ex-McFarlane collaborators - Four Horsemen Studios whose efforts nowadays can be seen put towards collector market figures more than retail releases.

I could have sold this badboy for big bucks on ebay (search for Ice Armour Skeletor and see for yourself), but this particular action figure deserved to be shown off and incoherently blogged about… 

So, what you get is Skeletor in winter fashion (or rather an icey repaint of Fire-Armour Skeletor). He’s got a new Havoc Staff that launches the skull-end as a projectile and two very cool icy blades that fit on the back when not in use. Again, the design is incredible and features a lot of collector-level depth for a toy marketed to be taken out and played with.

For photograph purposes, I wanted to wait it out for a snowy day to free Skeletor, but the Apocalyptic Spring of 2020 seemed like a better time than any. Fortunately, I have a snowy diorama background my daughter and me put together for the purpose of Christmas Card toy photography and Disney Frozen scenes. Also, my backyard featuring an unkempt lawn with stray Nerf darts and garden toys scattered around also made for a fun backdrop.

Do I have regrets opening Ice Armour Skeletor? Absolutely not. I put off taking this toy out for well over a decade and now I want to dig more unopened figures and toys from years gone by. With the current (as I write) Pandemic the world is under it is important to use the downtime to make ourselves happy when possible. Even if we’re looking silly in front of the neighbours taking photos of toys on the back patio… 

Enjoy the gallery.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

#BLOGPOCALYPSE : #Heroicustom Riker's Pizza box props.

Welcome to the first entry of Blogpocalypse Season!

2020 is set to be a bumpier ride than running a peddlecar along a street of cobbles. Still, the human race can use this difficult lockdown period in history as a character-building experience to learn new things and get creative.

I've finally blown the dust off the Figured Out dashboard in order to get Blogging about junk again. This is a coping outlet if anything and should there be an audience - that's a bonus!

I've picked up on consuming Star Trek again in recent months. I finally got round to watching Star Trek: Discovery and now I'm really enjoying the new Picard series too.

A particular episode I really liked most of the first season featured the return of Captain Riker and Deanna Troi that showcased thier new life on Nepanthe. This episode also involved Pizza! Without spoiling too much, the Star Trek brand now has a pizza chef!

There's been lots of Riker's Pizza fanart since the episode, but I decided to try and lazily photoshop together something different instead. Cutout action figure scale Pizzaboxes!

Download the image, follow the instructions, print on card and assemble! Since toys cant do social distancing on government oriders, your action figure shelf can now have a Pizza Party!

Have fun.

(Box template from allFreeprintable.com)

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Halloween Mood Table 2019 Encore

In addition to the photo gallery from the previous post, I uploaded a raw unedited 9-minute video presentation of this years Mood Table. It's probably a bit much, but it's all going down soon to make way for a Christmas theme to go up during December Preparation Month (aka November).

I also wanted any reason to make an updated Video Entry after some Youtube issues in 2017 caused a majority of this sites watchable content to disappear.

Whilst its probably another incoherant showcase that you may or may not find entertaining, this video does the Mood Table justice with some of the features such as the lights and other angles that still images don't cover. Grab some drinkage and popcorn and dedicate 10 minutes maximum of your existence on the planet to my Halloween showcase.

And yes, that is a real Bristolian accent.

Iceland's Bloody Lightbox

This is not a pun on words.
We literally have a lightbox that set us back £4 from an Iceland supermarket that has blood-themed writing. This is about as gory as Figured Out is going to get! 

With the additional cost of 3 AA batteries this lightbox is good to go and a pretty good display sign, even if the font isn't to everyone's liking. At least it isn't Comic Sans covered in blood!

An additional feature on the back are two holes alligned either side (not pictured) for optionally hanging up on a wall or interior door. It is pretty good with the only drawback being that the lightbox would have to be taken down every once in a while to change the lettering or batteries!

There's not much else to tell about this lightbox, except that we wanted to write more articles on random yet cool items of Halloween Junk. Pretty good for next years Moodle Table Display perhaps. 

So there you have it. A compact lightbox sign that has lots of potential.

Definitely worth picking up for a multitude of reasons or just for the sake of it.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Halloween Mood Table 2019

It’s Mood Table showcase time, and this year we’ve gone for a different approach…

Arguably, these are mood shelves, but shelves are part of the tables family (kind of). Figured Out this Halloween has a two-tier offering of Monster Mash goodness! 

Some old favorites from previous years have returned and are joined by new additions. There's also more lights added in!

There’s a lot going on with all the spooky clutter; so a lot of photos and video have been taken to record this pop-up display as much as possible.

This was an awesome display to put together, and I may use the shelf approach again next Halloween. Looking back at it now, I think there's more I could add to it and how next years could be executed differently. That's part of the fun!

As always, the credit for this idea goes to Dinosaur Dracula who kicked off this tradition in the first place! The influence of the Halloween Mood Table continues through many folk online and always worth a Google search to see how others have made up thier displays.

The Mood Table is without a doubt the Christmas Tree of October and deserves more recognition.

These just keep getting better!