Thursday, 14 February 2008

NEWS: BotCon 2008 Optimus Prime

NEWS: BotCon 2008 Optimus Prime is off the website for your preview if you click here. He looks pretty neat with his battle damages, scarred paints, cracked windows, and the other new details he has. Before I get picky, I want to know why he has this new paint job though... He looks like a zombie or a mutated version of himself. Perhaps this is what happens when a Cybertronian upgrades himself with Vista!

Thanks to Wes for the heads up. You can read some of his fun reviews here.

Hero, you're the TF guy... Your takes?

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  1. From what I heard on the rumour mill this is one of the figures from The Shattered Glass storyline for this years Botcon.

    The concept is pretty much 'Autobots bad and Decepticons good'. Other figures announced will be Starscream, Megatron, Prowl, Goldbug and Grimlock. These will be probably be later unveiled one at a time on the Botcon site. I say stay posted.