Friday, 15 February 2008

NEWS: Reports That HML Hulk Waves Will Be $15 Per Figure

NEWS: Reports That HML Hulk Waves Will Be $15 Per Figure

$15 a figure for two waves consisting of four figures each? $120 for a Fing Fang Foom. Since Hasbro has taken over the Marvel Legends line, I feel like the figures are lacking a consistency of scale and we have seen too many repaints (IE: The White Queen body has been used many a time) already in what has been only roughly a year?

I know these figures are for the upcoming movie and it's cool to see the possibilities for a ton of Incredible Hulk characters to be made but from what they are offering, it's all been done before. Just feels like Hasbro's Marvel Legends team is running out of ideas. How many Hulks do we need in a line? I know it's a Hulk movie.

I hope Hasbro can wake up before the ML fans stop collecting. If that day happens, it'll be a sad day for me even though I stopped collecting. I enjoyed seeing all the ToyBiz ML figures on shelves and collecting the characters I liked. But these Hasbro figures? Not impressive.

Points go to Wes for the heads up and also the MarvelToys info.

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  1. The price is fine, normally you can get them no less than $14 so I think that is not expensive, it's a standard price.