Tuesday, 19 February 2008

REVIEW: Repvile, (Madballs series 1)

From: Basic Fun / American Greetings

around $7.99


When I first heard that Madballs were coming back my interest was instantly grabbed. The old favourites from the obnoxious and gross themed toy series now return and are joined by a new ball to top up Series 1. This new ball going by the name Repvile is a blue coloured Madball with a reptillian theme. Repvile is covered in small horns, has a runny nose problem and poses an aggressive facial expression which probably suggests he is one of the bad guys. I purchased Repvile first because his look reminded me of Dark Leonardo from TMNT: Fast Forward.

The problem I have with the new Madballs toyline is the new sponge like material they have been made with. Even when Repvile was still in his packaging the paintjob was already starting to flake and that really isn't good. I remember the old Madballs from the mid-80's being built to last with harder jerky like plastic, these newer offerings don't feel and look like they have that lastability. 20 years on it is easy to assume that a toyline would have stepped up, sadly Madballs has taken a trip on the first rung of the ladder.

By all means a ball is meant to be a ball whether it is part of cricket, tennis, catch or whatever; the purpose is still there - "Toss 'em!", "Bounce 'em!", "Catch 'em!". However due to the paintjob the novelty of having a fancy ball with a gross out design will not last long and I don't think the ball itself is any more built to last either.

Next doors dog would chew through this toy like a warm snickers bar and it now it shows this review did''nt just apply to Repvile but also the other Madballs in Series 1 too. Repvile's design is cool and deserves to be preserved in the packaging even though it would seem the paint is declining to start with. The result is a sad story for this comeback toyline, and I can see these making a trip to the discount bin rather than just the bin. Here is hoping Series 2 will be much better.




  1. http://www.scary-crayon.com/toys/madballs08s2/

    Our good friend, Wes, has been blessed with being able to play with the second wave already.

    Just thought I'd share.

  2. That's a shame, they left Bruise Brother out of series 2. I can see Wes was dissapointed too.