Thursday, 14 February 2008

Welcome! And Now For eBay Wednesdays

Hi there! Slash coming in from the other side of the pond... I'm introducing "eBay Wednesdays" to our reviews. This weeks winner of the most expensive item in the Action Figures spot is the "Star Wars Uzay Blue Stars Figure" going for "$2,800.01" at the moment.

The description reads as,
"This auction is for a Uzay Blue Stars Action figure. This is a super rare figure that was produced in Turkey for a limited time in the 1980s. This figure has a huge following because it is so different then anything else and is very much the opposite of the Snowtrooper figure since it is blue.

This figure is in amazing shape with a unpunched super clean card and a nice bubble. The card is near perfect with no creases and hardly a hint of wear. On the back in the upper right corner there is a tiny two specs of paper loss. I don't know how this happened but it is minor. Aside from that the card is super sharp.

The bubble is nice especially for an Uzay figure. It is firmly attached to the card and is not cracked. There is one dent in the upper right side corner but it is not bad and barely shows from the front. The bubble is a bit tinted yellow but not too much. The bubble sealed in nice solid and 100% original.

This is a 100% real vintage carded figure and a very hard piece to find.

Because this piece has a fragile bubble it will be double boxed and packed extremely well so please keep this in mind when looking at the shipping costs.

This is a great example of this very popular figure. Don't miss your chance at a great item. "
Yet, according to sources, the Uzay toyline is a counterfeit Star Wars series. Notice how the packaging and licensing information are different? Notice how there was no such thing as the Blue Stars? Interesting indeed.

So, are counterfeits worth more than the originals? That sounds like an interesting question for later. Well, hopefully we will have a real review up and running soon!

Until then, gofigure!


  1. Impressive, he ended up at a total of $3,000.

  2. Certainly is. I've seen the same figure recently listed on 'Buy it Now' for £28.