Thursday, 27 March 2008

REVIEW: Data (The Goonies, Series 1)

From: Mezco

Retail: $9.99-$14.99 / £12.99

Accessories: Bully Buster, Pincers of Peril, Backpack, Sticky Dart.

With his character gimmick and identifiable gadgetry- Data had to be the one that made the most interesting action figure based on the Goonies cast.

Impressively, this figure is amazingly detailed, bearing a near exact resemblance to the on-screen character portrayed by Ke Huy Quan. Whilst not a very posable figure it doesn’t really need to a lot except for standing there and look great. Movement of the figure is limited to the arms and neck (meaning the head can move in any direction) and that is okay since it is not really designed to be a ‘toy’ but more of a collectable figure for those grown up fans who liked the Goonies film during their childhood.

Data comes complete with his most trusty array of gadgets and possessions including his yellow backpack, the pinchers of peril and the bully buster boxing glove which are all well represented as additions to the figure. The pinchers of peril are not just an accessory but also part of an alternative detachable right hand, and like the movie those deadly false teeth are supported by a spring. Anyone who has seen the movie will know what I mean. The Bully Buster is optionally attachable to Data’s right trenchcoat collar and is the second coolest accessory with the figure, the stick of dynamite and sticky dart are actually not that interesting in comparison and are those kind-of annoyingly small items that may get lost easily. As far as those previously last two items mentioned go, they are better off stored in the backpack.

As the packing states on the back: This is not a toy, and rightfully so a series of figures aimed at an older generation market. A series of Goonies figures have been more than 20 years overdue and this is a welcome thing to see. This is highly recommended to all the 80s kids out there especially those who enjoyed the comedy antics of Data’s inventions going wrong or randomly working. In short, Data is easily the best of the Goonies figures so far.

Rating: 4/5


Monday, 24 March 2008

GALLERY: Tournament Fighters Leonardo

During the easter vacation of 1994 I did'nt receive any chocolate eggs, but instead I got from my parents TMNT: Tournament Fighters for the Super NES. That game got me through some bad times and also saw some good times. Great memories.

(Leonardo performs his '200 hand smash' super finish)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

REVIEW: Transformers Animated, Bulkhead (Voyager version)

From: Hasbro

Retail: $19.99 - £20

Accessories: Wrecking Ball

It has been a real privilege to receive early the upcoming Bulkhead figure from Transformers Animated. The ever clumsy, lumbering, large and lovable Bulkhead is my favourite character from the show, but do I think this toy does the character any justice? Read on and see.

In packaging, Bulkhead is first presented in his rounded armoured truck vehicle mode and although he does seem a bit small he is what one would expect from a good representation of a liked cartoon character, and I will describe why.

The vehicle mode itself is simple but effective. A lot of Transformers toys have had vehicle modes that don’t cover up their robotic parts entirely, especially underneath. With Bulkhead the robotic features are easily concealed, a quality that the Animated Starscream toy also has in jet mode. Bulkhead could easily pass off in disguise as a toy car to anyone who didn’t know Transformers or what this toy is about. As a vehicle Bulkhead has 6 big sturdy wheels and can go along smoothly across any flat surface, it is certainly the kind of toy that wouldn’t wear out the living room carpet easily.

Transforming the Bulkhead toy is as simple as it looks, and I can say this is one of the friendlier Transformer toys for younger fans to experience. The burly robot form stands like in the cartoon series with his large body and arms all supported by a pair of short and stubby legs. This is all pretty comical to look at and Bulkhead’s easily recognisable ‘Trap Jaw’ expression has faithfully made it to the figure.

As far as accessories go - The infamous wrecking ball weapon is present and is activated from the left arm via a switch located underneath. The arms in general feature Bulkhead’s unique style of hands in which they are like 3 gripping panels representing fingers somewhat. The forearms are especially large which works out well for concealing the wrecking ball inside (much like in the show).

Of course there is the immediate criticism that the scale of this figure could be a lot bigger especially compared to the other Animated toys. If you have seen early shots or group photos on various TF sites you can see that Bulkhead seems to have shrunk in the wash when stood next to some of the deluxe range of figures (especially Bumblebee). This isn’t entirely all down to the Bulkhead figure as figures like Bumblebee toy for example have been made to be a bit taller than they should be, but that is a separate topic for another time. Of course, Hasbro are also doing a much larger Leader class size version of Bulkhead for those collectors concerned about scale.

Personally for me the scale is not a problem and this is a figure that looks like Bulkhead in great detail. Detail itself is not that hard with the Animated line due to the simplicity and solid colours the Transformers are designed in. As I have said before, “These are not Bayformers” (Praise Jesus!). What matters is that this a figure that is so close and almost accurate to its on-screen counterpart which succeeds in different areas of being a great Transformers toy, such as the effective vehicle mode, wrecking ball weapon and tough looking cartoon robot form that just plain stands out.

Overall, Bulkhead represents the new Animated style for Transformers rather well due to his whacky outstanding character design. This is a figure that is easily pleasing to the eye with a simple but solid vehicle mode, a good transformation and a certain coolness factor about him. This is a must for Animated and Bulkhead fans alike.

Easily 5/5!


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Tescos TMNT error

Here's an update from the previous blog. I got my order yesterday and it turned out that the £4.95 Mini Mutants playset was a regular VS pack despite the website advertising and picturing a playset.

Tescos webteam have been notified of this as well as Vivid Imaginations. This is false advertising that needs to be rectified.

Friday, 14 March 2008

TMNT Buzzrock, Multiflex and Secret Agent Donatello found in UK Woolworths

More UK TMNT related news comes in the form of a recent scalping trip by yours truely to a large Bristol based Woolworths store.

Found today were the highly sought after Multiflex, Buzzrock and Secret Agent Donatello (from Fast Forward).

Finding these in Woolworths and nowhere else makes a lot of sense since 'Woolies' are known to get action figures exclusivley to thier own chain.

Thanks to Nacho for the heads up.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mini Mutants Playsets already on Clearance in UK Tescos!?

This newpiece came by accident only today whilst doing the fortnightly internet grocery shopping. See for yourself.

£4.97 does'nt sound right for a playset that normally retails for $19.99 stateside. Usually the ethos is a pound for every dollar and likewise. The page does not have an option to chose a set either, but only the Raph and Leo sets were pictured.

I've purchased a set ealier today (with an added £4.85 charge) on next day delivery (I hope it's the Raph one!). This should be interesting since it could be a clerical error (like the time Tesco's rival ASDA listed crates of Heineken for 10p each!) and also that the playsets have not surfaced anywhere else yet in the UK.

Hopefully be back tommorrow to find out whether this 'Clearance' deal is genuine.

Friday, 7 March 2008

New Arrivals!

The newest arrivals to the Figured Out UK Office - Transformers: Animated stars Bulkhead and Starscream both boxed (for now anyway!). There will be a lowdown on both of these figures soon.


Saturday, 1 March 2008

TFsource reveal Stocking Stuffer Dinobots (finally!) have finally revealed the identity of the figures for thier 2007 Stocking Stuffer campeign. The successor(s) to the ever popular 2006 toy Santa Commander will be Reindeer Commander and Bombardier Elf.

I personally pre-ordered my set back in December and will be looking forward to eventually receiving these. I have mixed feelings about having a 2nd Commander (Grimlock) repaint but am glad that TFsource and Justitoys managed pull it all together.

The set can still be ordered here with full details on how to obtain these Christmassy figures.

TFsource will be shipping the sets to those who pre-ordered them at the end of March, just in time for Easter :)