Monday, 24 March 2008

GALLERY: Tournament Fighters Leonardo

During the easter vacation of 1994 I did'nt receive any chocolate eggs, but instead I got from my parents TMNT: Tournament Fighters for the Super NES. That game got me through some bad times and also saw some good times. Great memories.

(Leonardo performs his '200 hand smash' super finish)

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  1. It's one of the greats for sure, I spent years, months, days, and hours playing this game.
    I had a game genie at the time which I tried every code variation you can possibly think of, I came up with some pretty crazy stuff like being able to play as the turtle clones.
    I also really loved being able to play as Karai and Rat King.
    Playes was very stupid (but what else is new) not to make toys based on this game, considering most of the characters where also in the comics.