Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mini Mutants Playsets already on Clearance in UK Tescos!?

This newpiece came by accident only today whilst doing the fortnightly internet grocery shopping. See for yourself.

£4.97 does'nt sound right for a playset that normally retails for $19.99 stateside. Usually the ethos is a pound for every dollar and likewise. The page does not have an option to chose a set either, but only the Raph and Leo sets were pictured.

I've purchased a set ealier today (with an added £4.85 charge) on next day delivery (I hope it's the Raph one!). This should be interesting since it could be a clerical error (like the time Tesco's rival ASDA listed crates of Heineken for 10p each!) and also that the playsets have not surfaced anywhere else yet in the UK.

Hopefully be back tommorrow to find out whether this 'Clearance' deal is genuine.

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