Monday, 14 July 2008


One of Skeletors mutant army factories producing some new henchmen for the Snake Mountain Stormtrooper division.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Hero. That's my take on the old school Casey I grew up with. And the color version is ready, but the drawing is going to run as a pin-up in the next issue of Tales Of TMNT, so I'm gonna hold off posting it until then. BTW, I visit this blog now and again, there's some cool stuff on here.

  2. Hey Alex. Thanks for visiting. Do drop by again because hoepfully things will start becoming more active again around here.

    I look forward to the Casey pin-up, I may end up getting the issue a little later than most fans since I live in the UK and my local comics place closed down recentley *cues violins*.

    I hope to get a trade arrangement with a stateside pal so I can keep up to date with the comics.

    Keep posted on here for more cool stuff coming soon. :)