Monday, 27 October 2008


Whilst packing up after the church Kids Fashion Show last weekend I made this interesting little discovery amongst the playschool toy-pile. None other than a loose and good condition Hannibal Smith action figure from Galoob’s A-Team toy-line of 1983.

Amazingly enough these sell for around £15 loose on eBay or around £60 still on the card. It is highly unlikely that the 00’s generation of kids are even aware of such a diamond in the rough of duplo bricks, brio traintracks and Fisher Price cars. It is amazing what some older people too discard as just simple toy junk. Of course The A-Team will be more culturally aware to the public in 2009 with the release of the reboot movie.

I remember first owning the Hannibal figure nearly 25 years ago along with the other A-Team members. Not a bad toyline either even though the guns were bendy and weedy but the backpacks were decent (I think they had walkie talkies too). I had the command center playset too, but for what its worth it was made badly and broke easily, heck I may as well made one from a cardboard box. Murdoch’s gyrocopter was one best vehicle toys ever, with its push button activated rotor-blades. I never owned BA’s Van or Face’s vette sadly.

I am in negotiations with the Playschool leaders of either a trade or just offering a good home with my BA Baracus and other 80’s memorabilia. I took the time out to take some shots of the lonely Hannibal on location at Treasure Island Pre-School (located at the top floor of the church).

It would be amusing to imagine and think of what the A Team would come up with (through typical show cliché) if they were locked in a Playschool building and had an hour to build a custom assault vehicle of sorts. The potential is there.


  1. I once had a Murdoch action figure that my young cousin drew a penis on with magic marker. For years, he lay useless in my toy box until around 1993. That's when I first found out about customizing action figures from Wizard Magazine.

    There was a comic book character shown on an ad in Wizard that had sunglasses, a red cap and brown jacket. I decided to give my Murdoch this look. The results were awful, and I've since lost track of that action figure.

    But that there's the story of my very first customized action figure. ;)

  2. Haha. Thanks for sharing, Mikey. :D