Tuesday, 21 October 2008


For the last 3-4 months I’ve been seeing this stray figure, battered packaging and all on the toy section shelves in Poundstretcher. I’ve passed up buying this toy every time I visit. It is none-other than the less popular Smash Blade He-Man variant from the short-lived 2002 revival toyline.

So like a stray off the streets I picked this figure up and took it in. Despite the £5 sticker on the card I paid £2.99 instead. Bargain!

I already own the original 2002 He-Man (although I am not sure where I have him currently stored) and this Smash Blade toy is pretty much a repaint with a spinning shuriken/cat & ninetails replacing the Battle Axe. I actually think it’s pretty cool, in fact I prefer to call this figure Player 2 He-Man because of the blue colouring.

I am aware Smash Blade/Player 2 He-Man wasn’t popular amongst the active MOTU fanbase but somebody had to rescue this drifting homeless figure. Best part of 3 quid well spent!

Other pics (Click for full-view)


  1. Thanks for commenting dude. You own some of the 2002 MOTU line don't you?

  2. Me too. I feel like I missed out on some of the best figures ever when I passed up this line.

  3. -->> related but side note ::

    .. looks like ' Masters' got the shaft again, WB has canned the new movie.

    But perhaps it will be shopped around to other film studios.

    Thus begins what they call development hell.


  4. This is Greyskull I presume? :) You never know mate. Another studio might pick up the script.

  5. I love that variant of He-Man actually. The color scheme is so bad ass. I especially love the sword of power he came with.

  6. I think it's badass too. I think there were probably worse He-Man variants from the new line than this repaint. For some reason Smash Blade seems to unpopular.