Friday, 19 December 2008


I had the idea last Christmas to make up some custom TMNT decorations through the Mini Mutants line and maybe attempt to army build some trooper characters along the way.

I think in the end the decoration idea took a different turn and became a multi-purpose figurine idea that I could share out with local friends and family. (Although I want to next Christmas possibly do this again and expand a bit a more.)

I’m not sure how far I can class these TMNT as customs or if I can class them at all, but custom is an easier word to use than modification =).

I dubbed the name Festive Fury because it soulds almost like Fist of Fury (say it fast) and also because... its 'Festive' :)

The project itself was easy going and non cost-effective with using pound shop props (the tinsel tape, the black/white snowflakes, copper wire, keychain loops, and packaging bags) and all in all not so time-consuming either.

This is a small fans project I enjoyed throwing together. I hope it certainly cracks a few smiles anyway.


  1. -->> ..very well done !! !!



  2. I may do this on a bigger scale in 2009 :D

  3. This project no doubt makes the Shredder very happy. He's always wanted to string those Turtles up and hang them high! ;)

    Most excellent fun, Hero.