Tuesday, 24 February 2009

DR WHO: Time Squad, Out in the UK

Heya. I just picked up some of the newly released Dr Who: Time Squad on a shopping trip to ASDA. I grabbed the 2-packs of Sontaran VS The Doctor and Slitheen & Weeping Angel. So far, I've only opened one of these packs.

These Mini figures are great!

Here's some photos:


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  2. Do you know if these are
    going to come out in the
    United States?

    I'm hoping to buy the one with
    the skull in the astronaut suit.

  3. I am not sure what the US releases are like for Doctor Who sorry. Bigbadtoystore is usually a good place to check.

    The Space Data Ghost creature is part of the Wave 1 assortment. I think the Pyrovile monster is the other figure it is packaged with.


  4. Thanks so much for
    responding. Just
    knowing the name
    and which wave it
    came in is helpful.