Saturday, 28 August 2010

Robot Plane Corps

As if the offerings of Keynsham's local Poundshop was'nt enough bootleg japery for this week, I end up finding these sized up Minicons at Poundland in Broadmead. For £1 you can buy a larger scale Minicon with firing missiles and flying mode action. May I present the Robot Plane Corps!

There are two different bots, but Poundland only had the red and black copter. The other bot - a plane was'nt present. The packaging itself even has what could be original 'Animated' inspired artwork featuring the Plane Corp duo looking happy and cheerful.

For knockoffs, this guy isn't bad. No pop off parts, a working rotor blade and firing missiles. If you have a guilty pleasure for Transformable knockoff tat and... Minicons this is certainly worth a look.


(Click to Enlarge Image)