Saturday, 30 October 2010

Transformers: Universe Mystery Packs

‘Blind bags’ are becoming quite a toy trend. The hugely successful Lego Minifigures are now in their 2nd series (with a 3rd on the way), Halo has an assortment, Crazy Bones have been around a while - and now Transformers are getting in on the act!

Transformers: Universe blind packs have been spotted in The Entertainer, featuring a series of 12 Minicons to collect. On top of that, the packs also have sweets (or Energon Fizzy Jellies as stated on the packet).

These Minicons themselves have been on the toy shelves before as a 12 pack set exclusive to Woolworths (and later on in Poundstretcher). The 12 bots have now been split up and re-released in ‘blindbags’.

For those who missed out the first time, the mystery 12 includes; (Autobots) Backstop, Heavytread, Bodyblock, Makeshift, Flatfoot and Knockdown, (Decepticons) Supressor, Cloudraker, Boltflash (pictured), Brimstome, Skyhammer and Blight. An included collector leaflet shows the collection (pictured). As you can also see, the minicon 12 on either faction side are christened with some very amusing names.

So what are the ‘Energon Fizzy Jellies’ like? They are basically a couple of cola bottles and fizzy rings (that’s it). They must be very cunningly disguised to look less Energon-like. Still, it is an extra value inclusion, even if they are penny chews. They are as always delicious!

Like with most mystery pack toys, these are a pocket money assortment at £2 a go. They are also potentially great stocking fillers with Christmas just around the corner.

Hopefully there could be another series of these, but preferably original releases. If you missed out on the Woolworths 12 pack these tiny Transformers would be worth hunting down.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lego Advent Calendar 2010

On my local high-street travels I normally pop into the local Entertainer to see whats in and whether the same old Transformers stuff is still shelf warming. Monday, I did just that… And I saw – It!

In the front display was the 2010 Lego Advent Calendar (City ver). I was pleased to see it, especially as I bought the previous 2009 edition.

What came to a letdown was the price hike from £20 to £28. The majority of 30 pounds sterling for an advent calendar is ridiculous! £20 was expensive enough.

I went home wondering if I could get a more affordable Calendar from somewhere else online. Amazon came up with the goods at £21 and they had pictures of the toys hidden behind the doors.

For a start, there are 6 mini-figures (instead of 9 like last year) and some of the toys are ‘toys’ of toys if that makes sense.

The theme this year is predominantly an internal Christmas scene where everything is indoors (cept for the snowman of course). There’s a Fireplace, Instruments, Pets, scaled down Lego vehicles as ‘toys’ and other weird objects. The indoor skateboard ramp is a pretty cool touch and maybe something Bam Margera would approve of.

Compared to the line-up from last year, this selection is a little watered down in comparison.

Of course, I also stumbled upon something in the set which has been on the lips of Lego collectors for the last few months, the obscurity that is - ‘Naked Santa!’.

I could not believe my eyes at the discovery! - Complete with a shower unit (minus the curtain) and what looks to be a ‘thong’ wearing Father Christmas. Why!?

The point behind this or the play-value it adds to a child’s Lego collection is anybody’s guess (?). This is actually one of two Santas in the set, as there is a fully clothed variant too which is illustrated on the box riding the indoor ‘train’ set.

The plot has been lost somewhere, but 'streaker' Santa could end up a very collectable figure. Is that also enough to justify £28 for an advent calendar? - You decide and have a chuckle!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monster Mash

I managed to get a toy of the US Godzilla from a charity shop over the week gone by. My Gojira needed a sparring partner, and his American counterpart was a fair enough size to take the fight outside (the backyard)