Saturday, 13 November 2010

Click Bricks Swop 'Ems

I found these in The Entertainer recentley. A direct bootleg of the popular Lego Minifigures. Click Bricks appears to be a copycat Lego brand with simular products and seem to mainly based around The UK.

These are half the price of the Lego figures at £1 a pop. Unlike the Lego series, these go by one set character theme.

I haven't opened this pack yet, but I am hoping I get the bank robber as he is probably the most characteristic of the lineup.

Unlike the Lego Brand, there isn't a second barcode to tell which 'mystery' figure is hidden in the packet.


  1. Open 'em mate. I did, bought THREE packs and you actually get TWO mini figures inside and actually the quality is even better than the actual Lego mini figures series! You either get two identical figures or one of each....theres a little leaflet showing the range and the names are funny: 'I'm in pain' and 'Bad man' being the best names...!

  2. I did open mine in the end. The quality on these are great! I had the driller guy in shades.

    Definitley great for army building! :D

  3. when do the series come out