Friday, 24 December 2010

R2D2 Christmas Spectacular

Join R2D2 and many other plastic toy chums on this festive visual treat.

Christmas is a great time for lots of things and toys is but one of these elements. Click on PLAY and join the celebration.

Merry Christmas 'n' Happy Holidays from FIGURED OUT.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cringer the Battle Cat

Whilst at work today, I discovered amongst the kindergarten toy clutter an old 1984 Cringer toy (well Battle Cat minus his red armour anyway!).

The children were unimpressed that this toy had no articulation and were confused to why a large tiger animal would be green! They found my tales of He-Man more interesting though.

I had a Battle Cat back in the days when He-Man was the Ben 10 of my generation. It completed having a He-Man toy by having his feline steed to ride.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Money In The Bank

I picked up this nifty cover 'gift' on the recent issue of WWE Kids Magazine (issue 31, December) - a pretty awesome roleplay Money In The Bank briefcase.

Inside there's absolutley nothing, but it can be used as a container for school supplies or toys or whatnot, or... maybe a world championship match contract to cash in on...

Wrestling spectators will know the relevence of this item - For this is no oridinary case. The current reigning world champion recentley won the gold by winning this buy-in item earlier in the year.

Don't Try This At Home!

- WWE Mag Screenshot courtesy of Capt Ben Sisko

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Strong To The Finish...

Popeye on a whomping spree after dousing up on Tescos Spinach. Unfortunatley the for the Foot Clan, they just happened to have gotten in the sailor man's way with disasterous results. On top of that, Popeye's gotten some Christmas shopping sorted in the form of a handbag for Olive and some new boots for his papi!