Friday, 21 January 2011

REVIEW: Star Wars, 'The Clone Wars', Yoda

From: Hasbro

Retail: around £4 - £7.99

Accessories: Walking Stick, Green Lightsaber

I came across Yoda on my travels and just had to get this figure. The £4 reduction sticker also lured me in. I must admit that I have not watched much of the CG Clone Wars TV series, but I have enjoyed what I have seen.

I have not owned a Yoda figure (aside from the ‘static’ Galactic Heroes version) since the mid-80’s and even that was a second hand acquisition. What attracted me to buying this Yoda was the amazing detail for such a small figure. This toy kind of reminds me of the original - only more polished up, and with equipped with a Lightsaber! (And brand new!)

Clone Wars Yoda wears a nifty little Jedi cloak. The cloak in itself looks proportioned correctly as if tailor made for the figure itself. Clothes on action-figures are normally a big no-no because they tread into dolls territory, but the accessory of a cape, cloak or weapons belt are an exception. Usually some garments on toys look out of place and disproportioned, but the cloak on this figure works well and a good fit.

The cloak hood also fits over Yoda’s head optionally.

Expression-wise, Yoda isn’t portrayed as the mellow hermit of the Dagobah swamps... Instead, this Yoda is the serious spring-to-action Jedi General Yoda of the Star Wars prequels. The determined and serious expression on this figures design captures that character well and shows how important a head sculpt has to be. Yoda’s hands are also well sculpted and can wield both the walking stick and lightsaber with adequacy. The claws are also a nice little detail too.

As for articulation, Yoda does not require so many points of it being a little guy. However, there is a lot of poseability there with the hands, feet, legs and waist all able to move. All of this is quite impressive for a figure this small in design. Asking for the ears to move would be too much.

I feel almost obligated to buy a sparring partner for this awesome little fellow. Time to search the bargain bins for a Count Dooku I think…


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