Sunday, 20 February 2011

Super Change Robots

More knockoff toys copied from the moulds of certain robots in disguise have surfaced in the Pound Shops.

This particular range of Discount Diabolicals are called the Super Change Robots.

For your spend quid, you gain a pack of two Transforming robots paired off together. The robots are direct watered-down copies from either Spychangers, Minicons, Micromasters and Combaticons.

The front illustration I beleive is an alteration of the boxart from the G1 character Brawl. The rest of the toys are pictured on the back and include bootlegs of some Terrorcons (I am yet to see these in the plastic).

Bizarre? Wait till you see the Beasty Converters. Those will have to be shown another time. Stay tuned.

(click to enlarge)

TMNT: SWAT Mini Mutants

Thanks to my hombre Bogatan I recentley have come into a set of SWAT TMNT (Stealth Whack Attack Turtles!).

This wave of TMNT Mini Mutants was never released stateside, but they have surfaced in UK poundshops and in Australia.

The motif with this wave is simply TMNT dressed up in SWAT gear (Black Jumpsuit, Extreme Sports and Paleo Patrol all previously done). These SWAT TMNT are paired up against translucent jello repaints of previously released villain figures - Shredder, Rat King, Foot Tech Ninja and Hun.

For now I have posted a scan of the card packaging. More on these again in a later blog entry...

Saturday, 19 February 2011


The latest spot of Caption Fun. This time TMNT Power rules the roost and Michaelangelo brings a different meaning to the concept of NUNchucks.

What's your take? Captions away people.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


When news broke out about an Ark playset for the Transformers 3 toyline - I could not resist this little number...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Dark of the Moon, Sentinel Prime & Megatron

I've had my sights set on this Megatron for a while since a few early pictures of this figure leaked out on Facebook. After the grey Grinch from the first movie and the flying tank from the second this new military truck incarnation could be the best yet of Movie Megatron.

That confirms it. The offline robot seen in the early Dark of the Moon trailer was indeed Sentinel Prime. The Autobots look to have some hard hitting cavalry for the third movie. A facelift would make this design complete.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Today's caption fun consists of an encounter between Yoda and a group of Lego Zombies.

Let your imagination do the rest...