Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rainbow Dash and Blaise

As I took Blaise around the town in her pram today, I stopped by The Entertainer and bought her another My Little Pony toy to display in her room.

This will be Blaise's 4th Pony

Blaise watches Youtube uploads of the colourful Friendship is Magic TV show on Saturdays. She reacts happily to it and waves about. I recognised the Rainbow Dash character (as seen in the show) on the shelf and showed it to her before purchasing. She was happy to see it (even if MISB) when we got home.

Given that Blaise is only just 3 months old, it will be a while before she can properly play with this kind of stuff, but as you can see from the photos - she can't wait already!

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  1. Even I find this adorable -- and I think babies look like freaky alien things! :D