Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hamleys Announce: Top Toys For Christmas!

As part of thier Christmas in June promotion, Hamleys have announced thier Top Toys For Christmas and have also included a Free Prize-Draw!

The page is a mini-catlougue of products featuring stuff for kids and collectors of all ages. Pudding the Bear will take you on a tour of what's on the horizon as snowflakes tumble down your screen  

Some of the fun stuff on the way include: a remote control shark, a Disney Princess ULTIMATE castle, Cars II Lego and a ride-in Dalek!

It is never too early to think about Christmas... Be sure to check the site out and see what may take your fancy. Some of the unique items on show are quite costly, so perhaps this halfway point of the year is a good time to start saving for cool pressies.


  1. Thanks for this post about Hamleys' Christmas in June announcement. The remote control shark and 3D art look like a good bit of fun.

  2. I agree. That shark could be lots of fun in the right swimming pool :)

    I like the idea of Wugglepets too. Would like to get a set for my daughter when she's old enough. :)