Monday, 4 July 2011


Who's YOUR Doctor Who?

I've watched Doctor Who material featuring all 11 regenerations. From Hartnell to Smith, Doctor Who is a show I enjoy whoever is driving the TARDIS.

If I had to pick a favourite, the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) would easily be that choice.

Why: The 4th Doctor has been visually the longest serving on the show and in my view cemented as the most iconic of the bunch. This Doctor also been accompanied by some of the most memorable travelling companions. Like with the other Doctors the dress sense only this time featuring a long overcoat and a stupendously long scarf.

Highlighted adventures/moments include:
Genesis of the Daleks, The Key to Time saga, Brain of Morbius and Robot.

Fancy a Jelly Baby? :D

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  1. Tom Baker was my favorite as well...."Care for a jelly baby?"
    in "Genesis of the Daleks" he says one of the greatest lines ever.... as he steps up to the two guards he asks "Pardon me could you help me ? I'm a spy"....LOL