Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wuggle Pets

A great way for kids to customise a plushie and create its own identity has surfaced in the form of Wugglepets!

Wugglepets can be 'brought to life' courtesy of a play-doh factory style stuffer machine they are packaged with. Also included are: emblem tags, some 'magic dust', a birth certificate and an optional voice box for recording custom phrases.

The stuffed toy range provides an activity aspect for kids (especially in groups) and is something parents can also join in with. These pets also have a clip so that children can take them on the move as companions.

Wugglepets are currentley available in two different package deals; a Starter Pack featuring 2 pets, or a Party Pack with 8 pets. Either can be purchased through the official Wugglepets website.

Wugglepets are sold within the US/Canada region, but could go Worldwide soon.

1 comment:

  1. My kids love Wuggle Pets! This is a great plushie toy! I even love them!