Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pinkie-Pie Takes a Stroll

Here I wanted to take a slight trip out of the comfort-zone and produce something a little different than my usual offerings of digi-decoupage.

Before anyone comments, the G3 Pinkie-Pie belongs to my daughter J. However, if I owned a few ‘Bronies’ I’d be open about it. The new animated serial is great by the way! Props to Lauren Faust.

The background courtesy of an MLP Birthday card, and various props are from veryicon and brainsplat .com. Credit to those guys!

Making this was actually therapeutic and a lot of fun as most of my other images are dark and involve conflict of some kind. Maybe I need to do more cute and cuddly things in the future J . More bright colours in my portfolio can’t go amiss.  

Dedicated to: my daughter Blaise, Bronies, Hasbro, and lots of others.

My Little Pony is copyright and property of Hasbro 2011 ©

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