Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Tat Rundown # 3 - Hero Turtles Ornaments

A great e-bay acquisition if I ever came across one. Original 1990 edition UK Teenage Mutant ‘Hero’ Turtles Christmas ornaments!

These are painted and wooden and in my opinion have aged well. I never knew about these when they were out, so I’m glad that 21 years later I managed to own a set. The decorations individually feature one of the awesome foursome doing something a little festive. Here is the rundown… 

A mixture of switching to de-caf and the holiday spirit has mellowed Raphael out. The usually bad tempered turtle has taken to hanging up baubles rather than whackbags.  

Ice-skating is Leo’s thing, only the glitter effect of the ice makes it look like someone has sabotaged the rink surface with salt. Surely the Foot Clan are behind this!

Like his renaissance namesake, Mikey has taken to sculpting. So far he’s managed to sculpt a snowman of pal Leonardo.
Donnie hits the slopes with a set of non-jetpowered skis.. 

These are recommended to anyone who's a TMNT fan and lover of Christmas tat alike. Free these items from their plastic tombs and display them with pride. 

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