Thursday, 16 February 2012

Power Rangers MegaBloks Foilpacks Serials Updated

3 more serial numbers found today. These are for Samurai Gold, Red Ranger Training Mode and Battle Damaged Blue Ranger.

The serials themselves are easy to remember in that only the 3rd digit changes between them. It is possible that there may be mystery chase variants (like with Wave 2 of Dr Who Character Building) of figures not pictured in the collectors leaflet. This is just pure speculation as the 3rd digit on the Gold Rangers packet went up to no.9 and there are 8 known figures in the wave.

Here are the updated serials so far: 

Red Ranger Clear - A01111ww
Blue Ranger Battle Damage – A02111ww
Green Ranger Training Mode – A03111ww
Pink Ranger Mega Mode - A04111ww
???Mystery Figure??? - A05111ww
Red Ranger Training Mode – A06111ww 
Mooger - A07111ww
Dekker Human Form – A08111ww
Gold Ranger – A09111ww


UPDATE: The official Megablocks website shows there is indeed a chase figure whose identity is hidden by a white silhouette and a question mark. We've also found 2 more serials almost completing the list. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Power Rangers MegaBloks Foilpacks Wave 1

Power Rangers Samurai edition Megabloks are the latest line to join the ever growing mystery bag figure craze. A few of these have already made their way to the Figured Out UK office and gratefully received.

Wave 1 includes the following 8 characters to collect::(click picture to enlarge)
Click for full view
 What has also been stumbled upon is that these mystery packs each have a serial number located behind the foil packet - indented down the right hand side. We tested this out from receiving two of the same figure and matching the same serial.

As you can see we already scored the Ultra Rare Red Ranger (clear) on first go. So if any collectors would like one too (without buying lots of packets) do jot down these helpful serials.

Red Ranger Clear - A01111ww
Green Ranger Training Mode – A03111ww
Dekker Human Form – A08111ww

When more Serials are uncovered we will post them here.