Thursday, 16 February 2012

Power Rangers MegaBloks Foilpacks Serials Updated

3 more serial numbers found today. These are for Samurai Gold, Red Ranger Training Mode and Battle Damaged Blue Ranger.

The serials themselves are easy to remember in that only the 3rd digit changes between them. It is possible that there may be mystery chase variants (like with Wave 2 of Dr Who Character Building) of figures not pictured in the collectors leaflet. This is just pure speculation as the 3rd digit on the Gold Rangers packet went up to no.9 and there are 8 known figures in the wave.

Here are the updated serials so far: 

Red Ranger Clear - A01111ww
Blue Ranger Battle Damage – A02111ww
Green Ranger Training Mode – A03111ww
Pink Ranger Mega Mode - A04111ww
???Mystery Figure??? - A05111ww
Red Ranger Training Mode – A06111ww 
Mooger - A07111ww
Dekker Human Form – A08111ww
Gold Ranger – A09111ww


UPDATE: The official Megablocks website shows there is indeed a chase figure whose identity is hidden by a white silhouette and a question mark. We've also found 2 more serials almost completing the list. 


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  2. There is not a chase figure. Mega Bloks just "skips" numbers in his codes. It's the same in all the foil pack's series like Halo, Marvel or Dragon's Universe. The figure in silhouette with the question mark is only a way to illustrate the random assortment.

  3. Sorry about the double posting, please delete the first (signed as MAX) and this one.

  4. Hey Maxx. Thanks for posting.

    I remember the Mega Blox guy on Rangerboard confirming there isn't a chase figure. Maybe an opportunity could arise in the future, and that would make for some interesting hunting.

    I need to continue army-building my Moogers :)

  5. Found a few more codes, which show they're issuing figures under more than one number in the 111 batch.

    A10111WW - Red Ranger
    A15111WW - Red Training Ranger
    A14111WW - Pink Ranger
    A13111WW - Green Training Ranger
    A17111WW - Dekar

    Also, ny A06111WW was a green training ranger, not red.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, diesel

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