Saturday, 31 March 2012

FOOD: Generator Rex Popping Cotton Candy Gum

We ‘figured’ that Figured Out could try tat coverage of a different kind. Tat with taste, and in the literal sense.
Pop Rocks are great! Pop them in your mouth and its like a firework display on the tastebuds. Drink some cola in conjunction and your head will explode (allegedly).

I came across this little item at an American import shop and thought I’d try it out. £7 for a box of Captain Crunch seemed a bit extreme, so starting small was the way to go.

Generator Rex: Popping Cotton Candy Gum (That’s a mouthful!) is a run of the mill packet of Pop Rocks in the traditional packaging shape, except the actual ‘Pop Rocks’ are shaped differently. The appearance is not even Pop Rocks at all - but a pile of fluffy Strawberry Cotton Candy! (Or Candy Floss, as we British call it).

Whilst the delicacy looks like Cotton Candy/Candy Floss it doesn’t clump together like the real deal, and as a result is a messy pile of pink fluff.  It tastes great as Strawberry sweets do and retains the popping function of Pop Rocks, but is a lot messier than most powdered candy. As Bubble-gum its pretty so-so. A dustpan and brush on standby wouldn’t go amiss when experiencing this product.

Of course, there’s also the free sticker included. 10 different stickers featuring Rex Salazar doing his thing are optionally collectable. The manufacturers have wisely given the sticker its own protective wrapper, as removing it from the main foil packet adds to the pink dusty endevour of this purchase. The sticker being the only thing to show for buying this is probably the best part.    

Overall - a nice attempt at fusing Cotton Candy Floss/Pop Rocks/Bubblegum together. Not bad as a one-off purchase as it is certainly not enough to prompt anyone to collect all 10 stickers. Good for testing a vacuum cleaner with too. Generator Rex fans will want to give this a try, and it would be no surprise if a lime Ben 10 variant turns up either.

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