Monday, 15 April 2013

REVIEW: The Master & Tardis Computer Bank (Classic Dr Who)

From: Character
Retail: £19.99 GBP (Amazon UK)
Accessories: Laser Screwdriver, Crystal of Kronos, and Time Sensor 

The 3rd Doctor serial The Time Monster (1972) is a guilty pleasure of mine. Most Whovians I know dislike this story, but I find it enjoyably bad in a good way. From TARDIS rivalry to Atlantean Princesses to short-sighted Minotaurs and badly acted slow motion running – The Time Monster is a low-budgeted and cheerful 6-part barrel of fun. Most importantly, this is another story pitting The Doctor against his antagonistic arch-enemy - The Master! 

The Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who (1970-74) not only debuted the character of The Master, but also utilised his rivalry with The Doctor and featured many episodes as possible with them together. This set is based on one of their most memorable encounters.

If you’ve never watched The Time Monster before, this set probably won’t have as much nostalgic meaning. However, this is the best toy introduction to the character of The Master yet. Everything included from figure to accessories is relevant to the 70s Doctor Who epic. Of course, the centrepiece is the toy depiction of Roger Delgado’s original portrayal of The Master, and he had to be done right.

The Master figure itself is a near captured likeness to the Doctor’s arch nemesis and the late actor Roger Delgado. The detail is just excellent! The all black/less colour get-up the figure wears all over does not detour from that. Like all Doctor Who figures, The Master has same moveable joints and articulation with nothing different (see pictures).

The ‘Vehicle’ in the set is a vehicle but not a vehicle and more or less a good piece of retro scenery. For this is The Master’s TARDIS taking on the form of a static computer bank. This rogue TARDIS does not have any features or have an opening door like the phonebox TARDIS the Doctor has. Instead the Computer Bank is merely a large slab of PVC for the exterior that ‘just stands there’. The inner packaging however has supplied a cardboard TARDIS background to act as its interior or (if you’ve seen The Time Monster) the interior for The Doctors TARDIS (which is the exact same). Without giving too much away, the words ‘Time Ram’ and ‘TARDIS battle’ give a good clue.

Also included are 3 accessories as seen in the show. The Master would not be complete without his Laser Screwdriver which is present. Also bundled in are the Doctor’s Time Scanner/Sensor and the Crystal of Kronos. Kronos, although being an actor under a white sheet dangling on a stunt wire is basically the big villain of the serial who The Master is trying to control…. He’s the Time Monster basically.

This is a fantastic set just for The Master figure alone, and that means it also works well for Whovians who did not enjoy The Time Monster (Alternatively there is also a Master 2-pack with Axon). It can be complimented well if you already own a Pertwee Doctor figure with a perspective TARDIS.

A package deal definitely worth a look. 


  1. That is not a "laser screwdriver". It is the Master's classic weapon, his Tissue Compression Eliminator (or TCE for short).

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