Sunday, 9 June 2013

Car Boot Haul June 9th 2013

 Not a bad week at the Boot Sale. Amongst the acquired treasures, I managed to 'find God'.


Bill & Ted's Air Guitar jam session with 'The Almighty'

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Car Boot Haul June 2013

Car-Boot Sales are always a mixture of good weeks and bad weeks in terms of junk and treasure. I made it out with a not-so-good haul as last week. The haul however has presented some amusing highlights.

Here are 3 of them...

1/ 'Megan Fox'. Mikaela Banes

From the Transformers Movie 'Human Alliance' subline. Based on Mikaela's look from Revenge of the Fallen and very detailed. Quite an articulated figure for its size too. No Transformer robot to pal up with. I am guessing the previous owners kept the car and ditched the passenger.A good deal at only 20p.

2/ Weird Knock-Off Superman.

A reject Man of Steel sporting a very bad paintjob and no cape. Obviously from some deranged alternate universe. It took a lot of zen-like patience to get this bootleg to stand for a photo. Someone had to feel sorry for this mess...I did. Again, 20p!

3/ Transformable Fireman Sam

There is a Postman Part version of this figure which is also very good - and I own one. A great find, as I was after this for a while. Postman Pat now has a crimefighting partner. Once again this was a give away at only 20p!