Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Scooby Doo, Character-Building wave 1 haul.

Character’s Character-Building range has expanded since its Doctor Who debut with Football League, Armed-Forces, Deadly 60, Ben 10 and now Scooby Doo under the umbrella.

On a whim, I grabbed a few Scooby Doo mystery bags to check out what the cast have turned out like in building block form.

The central Scooby Doo figure itself is the most detailed and looks least like a construction toy compared to the others. Scooby is also the easiest of the set to come across (much like the Daleks in Doctor Who waves). I ended up with 3 of the same in my haul.

Wave 1 has 12 figures to collect; including all members of Mystery Inc.

Scooby Doo also wouldn’t be the same without the monsters. This set offers a ghost pirate, a crab creature, a zombie (though it is just a skeleton in trousers) and a voodoo ghoul to name a few.

Most of the monsters are potential army-builders which makes this micro-figures set really collectable - so getting two of the same is no big deal. The only tricky aspect of this wave is what to do with multiple Shaggys, Velmas and Fred’s etc (aside from swapping in the schoolyard) … 


  1. They don't look as bad as I thought they might, though I would have preferred Shaggy to be a bit taller and thinner. When you mentioned multiple Shaggys my mind drifted onto something completely different! Kind regards, Brian.

  2. Always happy to amuse.

    The Scooby figure is like something from a Kinder Egg.