Wednesday, 9 October 2013

REVIEW: Vertebreak, (TF Prime, Beast Hunters deluxe)

From: Hasbro
Retail: £12.99
Accessories: Hyena Cannon, Tail Hatchet

The first thing I found captivating about this figure is the hefty looking robot mode it is packaged in. Vertebreak also has a splendid (lifted from Reese’s Pieces) colour palette of yellow, orange and brown with black stripes which adds to his outstanding look. This hardman hyena appears to be nothing to laugh about.

Vertebreak is easy to configure both ways from beast or robot, and certainly a more easy-going Transformer for a younger or less experienced fan to get to grips with. The only drawback I found with the easy transformation is the designed shortcut of the hind beast-mode legs and robot legs both being the same. This comes across lazy to me, and has been a design skip with creature-based Transformers since the original Beast Wars line. Using the same limbs for beast and robot mode with no configuration in my opinion takes some of the transformation away. Aside from the personal design gripes, I think both beast and robot mode are very posable and have a lot of play value.

Vertrebreak is armed to the teeth (Get it!?) with a Hyena Cannon and what appears to be a hatchet for hand-to-hand combat. The hatchet weapon also forms the tail end in beast mode. The Hyena Cannon fires a missile, and is also concealable as it forms the beast mode’s back.

If you love Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters and want to start building a zoo, or maybe an army for Predaking – Vertebreak is an ideal addition.

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  1. Love this mold and this color scheme is world's better than the first release, Lazerback.