Thursday, 3 April 2014

TMNT: Surprise Egg

Easter is approaching and every kids license will likely have something egg-related for Spring Break purchase.

On a random find in Co-op, I picked up this TMNT surprise capsule egg. It was good to see a licensed Easter Egg that isn’t too expensive for a thin layer of chocolate with a plastic mug or dinner plate. A lot of eggs are much like the previously described, and this one isn’t.

With the Mousers helping out on this blog entry, we’ll open up the egg and find out if the 75p spent was well worth it.

Inside: Some jellies, stickers and a collectable surprise - A TMNT eraser! Something actually useful.

Also included is a leaflet showing the other surprises. These are: A disc launcher, a magnet, a badge and what could be a mini-notepad. I still think the eraser is the best of the selection and won’t be getting any more eggs.

When the jellies are consumed and the stickers are stuck, you are also left with a decent green plastic egg prop. Happy Easter! 

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