Thursday, 18 September 2014

Poundland's Possible New Mascot

Whilst on a random visit to the local Poundland, I discovered this gem of a 3in action figure bootleg.
Judging by the head crest design, it looks to be carbon copied from some Power Rangers/Super Sentai incarnation or other. The articulation of the figure is pretty much similar to the basic mould used for Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Masked/Kamen Rider action figures from the mid-90s onwards. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Not a parody!

My daughter prompted me to buy this the other week in Co-Op.

It doesn't take a genius to guess the target audience of this publication.

New issue every 3 weeks.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Sentai KO Party Bag Figures

This time of year I gather trinkets for the annual Romania Shoe Box appeal.

On my travels, I came across this bulk buy of metallic 2in Power Rangers In Space KO toys.

The design is pretty much your average everyone's muscly 1990's action figure build. The helmet and chest design from Power Rangers In Space is clearly noticable with some added tribal flames and markings on the arms and legs.

For the small figures they are, these are a pretty neat acquisition. Nothing outstanding, but a generic spaceman figure ideal for a stocking filler or a party bag.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Guardian of the Freezer

 For almost 11 years we've had a 'mascot' of sorts dwelling within the family chest freezer

Ice-Man from the original 1993 Tyco line had a really great temperature-activated gimmick: Place the figure in cold water and shaded markings on the figure would turn light blue to give the already transparent Bobby Drake an even icier look. The light blue gimmick (which I cannot explain the science of) is witnessed nowadays as an indicator on bottles of Coors Lite.

20 years on from release and the toy has not had age on its side. The plastic has since yellowed and probably best left to the imagination of older readers. Yellowing tends to happen on plastic items kept out of light for prolonged periods of time,

To this day, Tyco Ice-Man still lives amongst the frozen peas and microwave meals in the family chest freezer as a guardian of sorts. Sometimes the figure makes an appearance on the surface.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

CHRISTMAS RUN UP: Kinder Surprise Santa 2014

Hardly surprising that in the 21st century to see Christmas candy surface in the stores in September. It is after all; arguably a good time to plan ahead and stock up on goods and gift ideas to make December less of a mad rush

On a recent school run, I couldn’t help but pick up a Kinder Surprise Chocolate Santa (RRP £2) to see if they are any good.

The formula is simple. It is a Kinder Egg but bigger and in the shape of Santa Claus riding a sleigh. This gives it the edge over any other ‘hollow’ Chocolate Santas out there since a Kinder Egg toy capsule inside. Get the idea?

The chocolate is awesome as always (as the family members who helped consume will also agree) and the surprise inside is also part its own exclusive Christmas wave.

The surprise isn’t a toy as such, but more or less an Ornament for a Christmas tree or a gift tag (as the leaflet suggests). We got the chipmunk in a Santa hat! The best ornament of the bunch is the apparently creepy Kinder Egg man (who is famous for his early appearance in this commercial here.)

For two English pounds you basically get an oversized alternate shaped Kinder Egg with an exclusive collectable inside. This is a worthy stocking filler all in all.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Christmas MOUSERs part 2.

Packaging preview. Shipping these out later this month. For more info on receiving one of these customs, drop me an e-mail at this address.