Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Guardian of the Freezer

 For almost 11 years we've had a 'mascot' of sorts dwelling within the family chest freezer

Ice-Man from the original 1993 Tyco line had a really great temperature-activated gimmick: Place the figure in cold water and shaded markings on the figure would turn light blue to give the already transparent Bobby Drake an even icier look. The light blue gimmick (which I cannot explain the science of) is witnessed nowadays as an indicator on bottles of Coors Lite.

20 years on from release and the toy has not had age on its side. The plastic has since yellowed and probably best left to the imagination of older readers. Yellowing tends to happen on plastic items kept out of light for prolonged periods of time,

To this day, Tyco Ice-Man still lives amongst the frozen peas and microwave meals in the family chest freezer as a guardian of sorts. Sometimes the figure makes an appearance on the surface.

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  1. Your lucky,this version had a tendency to explode when put in the freezer for any decent amount of time.