Wednesday, 26 November 2014

CHRISTMAS RUN UP: "Magical Reindeer Food"

Picked up for £1 in The Range, “Magical Reindeer Food” is a festive treat marketed at kids who like to leave a little something out for Santa.

It could be that Reindeer are bored of carrots…

The packaging to start with is very attractive; featuring a strong red background encrusted with various styles of Christmas images (and stars). The images are most likely PNGs from free clipart sites and put to good use. The taglines “Can be eaten by Reindeers or Children”, “Feed Them on Their Busy Night!” and “Unique Reindeer ‘Thank You’ Magical Treat” (*phew!*) are placed around the pictures.

“Unique” certainly is the operative word. The candy itself is a hard and chalky like offering - much like Lucozade tablets. And like Lucozade tablets there is a lot of Glucose in there but with a hint of caramel instead of orange. The overall taste (and smell) is overpoweringly sugary and very sickly...

On that note, it’s a good thing that most Christmas events with Reindeer don’t allow the public to feed them. The only reason this product is labelled as Reindeer Food is because it looks somewhat like generic animal feed, and quite deceptive on that notion.

This is probably a tat item best left avoided by both kids and reindeer alike. Stick to carrots!

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