Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CHRISTMAS RUN UP: Fom the Archives

Various Christmas things from 2011.

Playmobil Santa and Pals
Jolly St Nick is here in Playmobil form, but he's appeared to have shed a few pounds! An imposter maybe? A rubbery-nosed Snowman and other pals have also joined in the venture.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Blocks
Its the 60th anniversary of Peanuts with Charlie Brown and buds on display in Christmas clobber. 

Hero Turtles Christmas Tree Ornaments
At one stage the Ninja Turtles received some censoring before hitting the UK shores. This article covers an amazing find of some Turtles merchandise from that era. Marvel the awesome foursome as they are dumbed down to look as cute and cuddly as possible for the holiday season.

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