Saturday, 18 April 2015

Spider-man 3 and the Colour Changing Ooze!

Doesn't time fly? Spider-man 3 hit the cinemas almost 8 years ago, and it looked like a 4th installment was on the way. Instead, the film series was rebooted again only for it to make way for yet another reboot in the Marvel Disney film universe.

Spider-man 3 spawned (no pun intended) a pretty decent line of toys based around the symbiote theme and included some decent variants of The Sandman too. The symbiote element paved the way to introduce slime to go with Spiderman figures, especially the Venom variants.

A favorite purchase I made back then was the VS set (pictured above) featuring the webbed wonder against an angry Venom and a casket of dark slime to go between them. The figures and slime were separated over the years, but I managed to recover where I stored the unopened ooze cannister.

For some reason. The ooze had changed colour!!

In true Carnage spawned action, this Venom discharge turned bright red in pure irony. I'm certain it isn't meant to do that. Kind of a happy accident, albeit a very runny one too.

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