Saturday, 25 April 2015

Toxie & The Liquorice Tea Experiment, Part I

I love tea! I also love liquorice, and thought the two would make a great combo product. They sadly don’t in the case of Twinnings Liquorice tea as the product tastes like neither, but more resembling something unsafe for human consumption.

The box I once tried during a 60’s Batman evening has been sitting around doing nothing for weeks. But, I think a use has been found for these rejected tea bags!

Enter Toxie, a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength! He along with the Crusaderskater vehicle are both acquisitions via eBay. These 20+ year old toys are awesome and in reasonable condition. The only problem is that they both reek like an ashtray!

Typically with ebay, some items don’t come out of a smoke free home. It is an occasional occurrence that usually gets overlooked. You can’t smell an auction after all.

So, here’s where the unwanted and unloved tea-bags come in. Tea-Bags are supposedly good at absorbing any odor from trainers, gym lockers and old fridges. Perhaps these ‘lacking in liquorice and lacking in tea’ bags can be redeemed through quarantining with said toys for a week to see if the old folks tale works on foul-smelling figures. Perhaps the toxic liquorice vapour can somehow counteract against the residual stench of tobacco.

Somebody's gotta try it...

So, we’ll leave it here.


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