Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Car Boot Haul, June 2015

Without writing up a long boring list on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this picture shows the first car boot score of 2015! Some items are familiar and some may not be. The only 'non-toy' of this lot is the infamous Hip-Swinging Santa! This find was bought as an active replacement for one I sat on last Christmas. Alongside prequel-era Star Wars items, Toy Story merchandise has a tendency to be quite common from the car trunk displays.

The prize piece of the lot! A 1989 New Adventures of He-Man sword bought with pocket shrapnel. The sound-chip is distorted, but it is still a pretty cool item nonetheless. Perhaps it can be mended in time.

Here are a few other gems found last Sunday, including: A die-cast Blue Ranger, Meal toy Jane, some Scooby Doo monsters, a Bruce Timm Superman and some Power Rangers: Samurai clobber.

The hunt for treasure continues next week. (weather permitting...)

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