Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hallmark Megatron Christmas Keepsake 2015

Its the middle of July, and never too early to start thinking about the next 20 weekends ahead.

Hallmark's Megatron Keepsake Ornament has been released and is a follow up to last years Optimus Prime. And, like before this tree dangler is a tribute to the original 80's toy representation of the character. Hopefully, this is a regular annual thing!

Hallmark has put together an uncanny scaled down static duplicate of the popular original toy. It has no articulation, and of course – it does not transform! This also skips the past complications of Megatron's questionably controversial alt-mode.

My criticism of the old toy has always been the fragile robot mode. This sadly translates a lot worse as a light plastic Christmas ornament, and is a delicate model as a result. Hallmark have probably foreseen this and have packed this ornament without a plastic tray and a lot more tissuepaper than Optimus Prime had last year.

Unfortunately, no hanging string is included. There is a thin eyelet for 'sold separately' string located on the right shoulder.

In a nutshell, this is no way a toy though based on one. A brilliant looking collectable all the same.

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