Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Goodfella's Star Wars Pizza

Star Wars and Pizza... Let's Do This!!!!

From Goodfella's, the Star Wars: Meteor Meatball Pizza as part of their Little Fella's range.

Sporting a cropped product photo and some Darth Vader stock imagery and modern orange 'Star Wars' logo to make the packaging eye-catching, the job is done well. There are also Frozen and Mickey Mouse: Clubhouse options too, but we'll focus on Star Wars for this entry. With a long-awaited movie sequel out in December and an animated show doing very well, Star Wars is set to be the big and more recent merchandise monster set to take Christmas 2015 by storm. Anything with Darth Vader and co pictured on is guaranteed to do big.

As an added bonus, the pizza box sports inside a Wordsearch puzzle and a couple of color-in and cut-out figures (see bottom of article). The cardboard figures are a random pairing of Boba Fett and Yoda from the original trilogy and are the only two to collect, as all the inside prints are the same (judging from the 3 boxes purchased).

These pizzas are a good serving size, but that is down to opinion. The packaging and website both shill the nutritional information of the pizza product, and they pull no punches doing so.

These are also great for kids parties, and at £1.50 a shot there isn't a lot of waste involved. There are arguably more unhealthily engineered kids-licensed foods out there, and small Disney branded pizzas claiming to provide one your '5-a-Day' aren't among them.

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