Monday, 31 August 2015

Star Wars Force Friday (Non) Countdown

Found in Toys R Us Brislington today, the countdown display for Force Friday this week. Empty space was made anywhere on shelves where Star Wars items were sold. Force Awakens merchandise is set to take over.

The staff at Customer Services caught me taking a snapshot of the Countdown Display and were not happy, but didn't/couldn't do anything about it. One of them ranted about the display malfunctioning and quickly turned it around the opposite way as a gesture of embarrassment. This would not be the first time Toys R Us Brislington Desk Staff have gotten crabby over nothing, and probably not the last...  

There was nothing to hide at this point. The sign was for public view and the wave 1 toys catalog has already hit online (Click Here). As far as I can see, the catalog does not spoil anything for the movie for those concerned and shows stuff that has been shown in the first trailer. I think the real meat in the sandwich as far as toys go will be saved for December. This wave 1 is the appetizer.

Oh yeah, Nerf Gun Chewbacca Crossbow is sure to be a hit! -HERO


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