Monday, 5 October 2015

A £10 Evening In by Poundland 2

 Almost 6 months have passed since the original £10 at Keynsham Poundland article.
We return again to squander the same amount of money on the delights a local pound-shop can provide for an evenings worth of amusement. 

Like before, 10 items have been randomly chosen in a trolley dash around the same store as before. I make the grab, bring the goods home and give each £1 item a rundown whether I like them or not. Most of this stuff is tat at best, but what does anyone expect? It seems the best way forward is to make the best with what there is. That's part of the fun (yes it is fun!).

So here we go:

1/ Slush Puppies: Slush Pops.
Slush Puppies in the form of Ice Lollies. Frozen or thawed out, they taste just as good as they do in the newsagents! The blue raspberry ones are also still the best!

2/ Doodle Pad.
Featuring isometric patterns that look lifted from the land of Q-Bert. Plenty inside to keep busy with, and there's also blank pages to sketch on too...

3/ Christmas With Tucker DVD.
Had to buy at least one Christmas item in October, and this was it. A boy and his dog Christmas movie... I normally have a bee in my bonnet about the perpetual product placement of dogs in Christmas movies, but having watched this offering last November on Christmas 24 (Sky ch.327) I know this is one of the better flicks that promote the adoption of canines rather than giftwrapping them. Well worth the Pound sterling!

4/ Generic Packet of Pencil Crayons.
To go with the Doodle Pad mainly. The Pound 'stretches' far with this item with the large selection of colors and shades to choose from.

5/ Frozen: The Light-Up Yo Yo!
Anything with the sisters on smiling at the forth wall will sell, even a mispackaged yo-yo that has the product upside down inside. Still considering on keeping this as a collectable. Even still sealed on the card it provides amusement.

6/ Creepy Spider Lights.
Featuring 10 fragile plastic spiders that sometimes fall off, this is another amusing item and amusingly another Christmas product recycled into a Halloween one. All the same it provided an ambient radioactive green glow for the evening.

7/ Star Wars Money Tin.
A bit of a miss this one. No change to put in. Still good to have around in the long-run however. When this badboy eventually fills up with shrapnel, there's no opening or way to get at the contents unless there's a can opener on standby.

8/ Toy Tiger.
Like with the lizard from last years haul, I chose another plastic animal. This one sat on the arm of the sofa as a guard cat whilst Christmas with Tucker is on. I know now that if I ever come into possession of a Walking Dead King Ezekiel figure, this big cat would double up nicely as his loyal zombie stomping pet kitty Shiva. The scale is near enough!

9. Chewitts Blackcurrent Scented Candle.
Not bad this one. If you don't mind the overpowering smell of charred blackcurrent this is a pretty decent candle.

10. Runts.
Often found in those 20p handle turning machines (where lots fall out if you turn the handle slowly and tactfully). That's about it really. The box is fairly sizeable for £1 and contains a decent quantity of fruity candy.

There you go. Ten items rambled on about. That's your lot really!

In hindsight, Material goods can only provide material company. This is all for a laugh after all, and a fun summary of the cheap n cheerful entertainment that a high-street Pound-shop can provide.

Try it yourself! If you have £10 (or equivalent currency) spare to squander on bargain basement tat in a Discount Store – have a go and make the most of the results. Surely there aren't a Bazillion and one better things to do with that amount of money?

You've been reading the watered down sequel to the Poundland experiment (Mucho thanks again, Keynsham Poundland!). Hope you enjoyed the showcase. Until next time!

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