Sunday, 14 February 2016


Originally posted on the Where in the world is Mike Cudlitz Facebook group. Walking Dead returns this weekend and there's a new Ghostbusters film trailer drawing near.

Has Abe commandeered some new wheeels? Reply with your own caption.

Monday, 1 February 2016

EASTER RUN-UP: Kinder Surprise Chocolate Bunny

Whilst Christmas items still linger reduced half-price in a lot of shops, it doesn't stop the Easter items from surfacing before the Valentines Day clobber.

Chocolate Eggs a-plenty with nearly 3 months before Easter Sunday to start squirreling away for. Of course, Kinder Surprise are already in there with a new range. Found in January, this neat Easter Bunny equivalent of the £2 Kinder Father Christmas occupying the same Co-Op shelf space a month earlier. For 2 pounds, this pretty much is a Kinder Surprise with more chocolate surrounding the surprise toy capsule. Surely this Easter edition has something to offer than the usual assembly kit much like the Christmas set from before.