Monday, 1 February 2016

EASTER RUN-UP: Kinder Surprise Chocolate Bunny

Whilst Christmas items still linger reduced half-price in a lot of shops, it doesn't stop the Easter items from surfacing before the Valentines Day clobber.

Chocolate Eggs a-plenty with nearly 3 months before Easter Sunday to start squirreling away for. Of course, Kinder Surprise are already in there with a new range. Found in January, this neat Easter Bunny equivalent of the £2 Kinder Father Christmas occupying the same Co-Op shelf space a month earlier. For 2 pounds, this pretty much is a Kinder Surprise with more chocolate surrounding the surprise toy capsule. Surely this Easter edition has something to offer than the usual assembly kit much like the Christmas set from before.

With a little help and a plastic katana, we've carefully split open the moulded chocolate and tin foil.

The usual capsule is found inside. What surprise awaits us?!

OK... This isn't bad! - a colour variant Easter Bunny and its flocked with fur! The yellow one has been scored, and judging by the collector illustration he is the central character or at least the leader of the rainbow Easter bunny bunch. These look pretty good and a nice addition to any Easter display going on this Spring. Go hunt one!


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