Sunday, 23 April 2017

Halloween Mood Table October 2016

A bit of a belated Halloween post since the ever popular 2016 was pretty much a 'gas leak' year for this blog. Real life has a tendency to get in the way.

I did during 2016 put up a mood table for Halloween that year. Pretty much the same fare as last years first ever effort, cept with new additions. In addition I also made a brief Instagram demo video or two to the tune of Monster Mash by The Groovy Ghoulies.

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 Outstanding features included an electricity globe, a laminated 8-bit Jason Voohees, Dream Beavers, Rita Repulsa with Goldar as her plus one and many more tidbits you can spot in the photos. Some old faces have returned from last years offering along with some new additions.

For those who don't know what a Halloween Mood Table is; it is a decorational tradition started a few years by Dinosaur Dracula. The idea being a Halloween equivalent of a Christmas Tree by using a tabletop platform to gather and display all manner of monstrous paraphernalia. The idea has caught on over the years with others setting up Mood Tables of their own and sharing media of them online, much in the same way some people exhibit Christmas decor.

I'm pretty tame when it comes to horror, but still joined in the fun. I like to show that Halloween can be as much for anyone the same way Christmas is. My 2 Mood Tables so far have been a bit a little PG-Rated at best, but are my interpretation of one and a heck of a lot of joy to throw together.

Mood Tables in the Hero household are a fun new tradition and I gladly encourage anyone to give it a try and do the same - whatever level you do horror.

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Halloween 2017 may be months away, but I've already found the centerpiece for my next Mood Table... Just got to get this recent Charity Shop find to work... When's the next thunderstorm?

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