Saturday, 9 September 2017

"Uh Oh, Chongo!" DANGER ISLAND Revisited.

 Cast yourself back in time to Saturday Morning TV of the late-60s. TV-Land was blessed with a goofy hour-long programming block called The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (1968).

In between the goofy antics of people in costumes, a personal favorite slot of mine was Danger Island. This was a 36 part segmented adventure serial directed by Richard Donner who later went on to bigger and better things. (Goonies and Superman most notably!). 

As the 50th anniversary looms closer, I've always fantasised about editing together the whole serial into either a mini series or a feature length offering.

Prepare yourself for the field test edit amalgamation of the first 6 parts. If you like kids TV that doesn't take itself seriously, acts out like a Hanna Barbera toon and has some enjoyable characters - Danger Island may be just for you. Nearly 50 years on, this certainly does hold up... Because of that, I want to spread its gospel.

Seriously, give it a whirl.