Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Arrival of the LetRabots

And today’s Figured Out blog is brought to you by letters A, T, O, and W etc…

LetrAbots (subtitled:  ‘Transforming Secret Agents’) is a fun range of transforming robot letters that join the many blindbag toy ranges out there. For £2.99 a pop you get a toy, a checklist and profiled portrait card for each said toy. Each lettered character is given their own unique name instead of generically going by their alt-mode alias (e.g, P is called Plasma). 

The robot designs are a non-serious approach with beedy-eyes and chunky basic bodies. This appearance and feel of the toys gives a slight harkening back to the original 80’s McDonalds Happy Meal Changeables. Comparison photos taken! 

Being the alphabet, this line still has life after collecting all 26 toys. Having more than one of the same toy expands the play value with extra letters to create words with. Extra vowels are always a good thing! The robot range can get away with repeat characters, and there’s always potential for doing breaktime swaps with other collectors.

 Beyond this fun plastic display of edutainment and transforming robots is more waves on the horizon. France, Spain, Italy etc are all ahead with later releases, featuring numbered characters, glow in the dark outlines and a combining gimmick. The UK has a while to catch up yet!

LetrAbots can be found in ASDA stores, Amazon, Ebay and wherever Google may direct you…