Sunday, 16 September 2018

Flying Cauldron Butter(Scotch)beer

During the 'Road To Christmas', we’re going to be making some other stops along the way. One of these for the first time in this blogs history is the world of Harry Potter, as I cover a newly discovered product nodding to the franchise.

It was upon our familys weekly internet shop to Cyber-Tesco we discovered Butterscotch Beer or rather a fun take on the Butterbeer delicacy alluded to in J K Rowling’s book series. Butterbeer in reality is a thing! Sort of.

Going by the label, this product is a shameless 3rd party moneymaker with Potterverse fans set in its demographic sights. Going by reviews on Amazon, this product is also sold on the Warner Brothers tour to visiting punters. Flying Cauldron who dreamed up this wonderful beverage idea has certainly placed their foot into the doors of Hogwarts.

Coming from personal experience with this product, this is not beer. It says beer on the bottle, but isn’t beer at all. Another one for the Root/Ginger Beer family. This tipple is admittedly in smaller print Butterscotch Flavored cream soda (and is also Gluten-Free).  Saying that - this is very nice Cream Soda with a cool wizardry design that should appeal to all non-Muggle folk out there.

There’s nothing ‘Duff’ about this beer and this is a product I recommend for Potter-themed parties and the like. However, it is probably worth weighing up where its less expensive. This is currently exclusive to Tesco online (based in the UK), but is also retailing from various Amazon sellers and online candy stores. Prices on products like this tend to change so its worth searching around before investing in this US-based take on Butterbeer.

Butterbeer could end up being the Halloween equivalent of eggnog! 

Alternatively, there are a bazillion homebrew (no pun intended) tutorials across Youtube showing how to make Butterbeer, which is a fun option to consider. Something worth looking into for a possible follow up article.

This could get messy!

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Monday, 3 September 2018

The Road To Christmas 2018!

That's right! It is now the Ber Months and Christmas is looming closer.

Stay tuned for Christmas-related coverage on here as well as extra coverage on our spin-off 'All Year Santa' blog. There's a lot of upcoming Christmas tat to ramble on about as well as fun things and events from the throwback pile. If you're a long time reader you'll know we will be doing this well into January and beyond.

We have no shame.